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Ladybug Labradors Retrievers Ladybug Labs, at Ladybug Acres in Gansevoort N.Y., is a small family operated venture dedicated to providing families with first class family pets since 2005. The name, "Ladybug Acres" and "Ladybug Labs" originated when my granddaughter, Sydney, who was 4 years old at the time, visited me at work dressed as a ladybug for Halloween. She gave me a hug and I started singing, "I GOT HUGGED BY A LADYBUG". The rest is history.

As you will see, when you read some of the comments from other adoptive families, our pups are very intelligent and easily trained. Most go to the head of the class at obedience school and several have been trained in search and rescue.

At Ladybug Labs we start socializing the puppies immediately after birth and preliminary house breaking at 4 weeks. The pups are under our constant supervision so we can work with them on their potty training.

Labradors Retrievers When the pups are about five weeks old they move to the "community room" where they are introduced to adult dogs and have unlimited access to an enclosed porch and a fenced in yard with their own pool. Mom shows them the ropes and they are almost house broken when they leave here. Throughout the process the pups have a lot of exposure to children, adults, adult dogs and cats.

We are firm believers that weekly visits with your puppy, when possible, make the transition to their new home almost seamless. You will be able to bond with the puppy and he/she will become accustom to you.


We are always available and happy to answer any questions and provide whatever support we can.

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